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Because of the easy access to the internet, and the loneliness of people, the fake sugar daddy database is increasing every day. Lockdown of 2020-21 has been a great turnover for the majority of people in the world because of the bad impact of the Covid-19 deadly virus.

Post lockdown most of the young females feel discouraged and unmotivated because of the scarcity of money and being jobless. Here sugar daddy plays an important role by offering monetary and other benefits to these young and greedy girls for their time and personal relationship in return.

Although, such personal meetings and relations are workable for the girls having bills to pay, school & college fees to submit, and other personal expenses. But these days many girls are getting trapped in the fake sugar daddy role plays.

Fake Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddy is one, who is an aged man with lots of money looking for a companion who can give attention to him and spend some quality time with him for monetary consideration or other benefits.

Fake sugar daddies are those conmen who create fake social media accounts and pretend to be rich & aged. They trap young desperate girls willing to do sex and spend personal time with the aged and lonely men around. These sugar daddies loot their accounts and collect their personal information for misuse.

Who Is Sugar Baby?

Sugar baby is the term given to those young girls who agree to enter into a relationship with rich-aged men to spend some personal time or for a sexual relationship. They get easy money for doing all these things.

How To Identify Fake Sugar Daddy?

A fake sugar daddy will always ask you more questions than the genuine one. If someone is eagerly willing to pay you some amount before the first meeting, that is usually considered to be a conman. If your connection asks for your email id or contact details to text you in person, would be a fake sugar daddy. And if someone asks you for some money by making any excuses is a fake sugar daddy for sure.

How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Scammed?

  • Never provide your personal information to anyone on social media to become a sugar baby.
  • Do not pay anyone who pretends to be a sugar daddy as he is supposed to pay you, not you.
  • Never refund a payment to a prospective sugar daddy.
  • Always fix a meeting first and do not receive any online payment in your bank account in the first place.
  • Never provide your bank details or other financial account details to anyone.
  • Do not agree upon the offer from a prospective sugar daddy to pay your bills, or college fee directly.
  • Try to judge if the person is getting over-excited to offer you his money to make you his sugar baby?

If you experience such connections and incidents, report fake sugar daddies online and expose them worldwide to help others.

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