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Why am I a magnet for cheaters? Here are 10 ways to break the pattern

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Why am I a magnet for cheaters? Many individuals relate themselves to this question every day. The reason behind such phenomenon is their past repetitive experiences. Can you relate yourself to such questions? If yes! Then this information is for you. Keep reading it further as we will discuss this problem and how to protect yourself from such cheaters. 

If you have gone through multiple bad relationships? And you have suffered a lot? Then you can very well understand that some results are predictable and so obvious. You might be thinking, why it always happens to me? And what have I done wrong that in every relationship I get cheated? It seems like for every cheater and fraud you have become an easy target. And even after putting in all the efforts, you are not capable to safeguard your relationship. 

You will encounter many individuals in life who will sugar quote you initially to fulfill their cruel intentions. They will never get emotionally attached to you. But they will always play with your emotions, and feelings smartly. Such people are very harmful and evil-minded. If you have had several such encounters then you must be discouraged and disheartened. Many thoughts come to our minds when we go through such bad relationships.   

Do You Believe? You are A Magnet For Cheaters

Do you believe that you are a magnet for cheaters? And you always repeat the same sort of mistakes while choosing a partner. Does it bother you every time now that you are dating cheaters? Then, you are on the right path to initialize a process to analyze and recognize the cheaters in your life.

How You Always Experience A Bad Relationship?

  • Well, it happens naturally but there are certain common factors that you consider while choosing a next partner or companion to date;
  • You will always look for similar qualities as of your ex-partner.
  • You still build early trust in a stranger.
  • It is easier to get emotionally attached to a stranger when you feel lonely and you want to meet a prospective companion eagerly.
  • You will always try to be sympathetic in front of your new partner.
  • Showing over possessiveness.

Is It Really Your Mistake?

Ask yourself that is it your mistake that every time you get cheated by a partner and you have to suffer. But the biggest cause is that you allow somebody to take the lead of your life’s control and then things get worse. Never lose your dignity in a relationship.

10 Ways To Break The Pattern

  1. Be Alert & Focussed While Choosing A Partner

One of the most important factors is to choose a prospective partner carefully. Take time to understand his or her personality and behavior. Try to collect more information about their past lives and experiences.

  1. Have Opinions

Not having any specific opinion about meeting a random guy or a stranger can be a big reason to get trapped. Always have strong opinions about your observations. Ask more self-questions for better clarity.

  1. Being Judgemental Is Good

Although, people say overthinking and being judgemental is not good. But when you are working out your partner or a companion, it is necessarily good to be judgemental on various factors. It will help you in decision-making, and next time you will not get cheated.

  1. Focus On Small Things

We often overlook the small things and the little factors while dating a cheater, and that causes you a bad relationship experience for life. It is better to have an eye on small behavioral and attitudinal factors while dating a prospective.   

  1. Never Date Similar Personalities

It is human nature that we always look for similar traits and qualities of our ex-partner in a new perspective, and then we fall into the same pit again. Never repeat your mistakes again and again. Learn from your past lessons and move on for the better.

  1. Recognize If Your Partner Has Hiding Habits

Mostly those individuals suffer in a relationship where their partners, companions, or spouses hide things from them. But the mistake is, you don’t bother with such habits or behaviors. Be conscious when doubt arises in your mind.

  1. Never Victimize

Many individuals victimize themselves in front of their new partners to gain sympathy. But that works against them in any relationship. Never reveal your past weaknesses and mistakes in a new relationship. You will always lose your partner. Try to be more optimistic about your present and never live in your past.  

  1. Don’t Be An Obvious Personality

If you have ever experienced any bad relationships? Then don’t ever show your obvious personality to the person you are dating right now. Always learn from your past mistakes and never repeat them again. You must overcome your emotional barriers and work out a new relationship positively.

  1. Try To Figure Out Sugar Quotes

Cheaters often use sugar quotes to trap innocent souls. People with bad intentions use buttery statements to praise you. If you already have a bad relationship experience? Then try to observe the sugar quotes used by the individuals you are dating with.

  1. Do Not Push Yourself In A Bad Relationship

The most important thing to understand is that never push yourself into a bad relationship. If you are suffering unnecessarily in any relationship, then it is better to set free from such a relationship rather than suffer.


If you have faced such bad relationships in life? Then you can send words for cheaters and liars by reporting them and disclosing their real faces in front of the public. And next time when you work out any relationship or companionship, consider all the above-discussed points to make a wise decision. 

Make the best efforts to find the right companion so that you never need to remember a bad relationship story. 

Do You Feel Like A Magnet For Cheaters And Bad Relationships?

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