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Why Report Your Ex Who Harasses You?

Many individuals are the victim of the harassment done by their ex-partner every day and they always search for how to report an ex who harasses me. But they barely know how to report their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend who is still bothering them and harassing them every day. 

People with cruel intentions and evil mindsets always try to make the lives of their ex-partners’ hell by all means because that satisfies their evil souls. They use various tactics to disturb the lives of their ex-lover or ex-spouse. 

Life is so unreasonable that even after getting rid of the relationship that was just a mistake, the desperately psychic personalities try to steal peace from their ex-partner’s life. If you are already going through all this as you are reading this information right now, then you are no longer required to bear the pain. Instead, you can report your mentally sick ex-partner on the online cheaters’ platform.

Why Do Ex-Partners Harass Their Ex-Lovers?

It is a human tendency that when a person gets rejected by the other person. That individual gets personally hurt and in the heat of the moment, he decides to punish the other person. And then he starts harassing his or her ex-partner.

Any type of punishment or harassment applied to the ex-partner gives them a sense of mental and personal satisfaction. It also satisfies their ego against rejection.  

Types of Harassments

Harassments can be of various types but some of them are very common in practice;

  • Mental Harassment

The majority of ex-partners with psychological imbalance apply mental harassment practices to their ex-lovers. Sending torture messages, verbal black-mailing, vocal threats, use of abusive language, and sharing offensive content are some examples.

  • Physical Harassment

In this type of harassment, the ex-partner turns extremely wild and mentally ill and starts harming their ex-lover. This physical torture can be deadly too.

  • Sexual Harassment

In this punishment, the ex-partner black-mails their ex-lover by showing their obscene images and videos with them and they take advantage of the situation. The torture continues for a long time.

  • Financial Harassment

Under this type of harassment, the ex-partner asks for financial favors for leaving their ex-lover. But once it starts, it never ends until the other person becomes bank-corrupt or commits suicide.  

  • Social Harassment

In this type of harassment, an ex-partner tortures their ex-lover verbally by fearing them about their social status and image in society.

  • In Public Harassment

Some ex-partners with ill mentality start torturing mentally and physically their ex-lovers in the public areas. They keep insulting the other person.

Is It Possible To Report An Ex Who Harasses?

It is very much possible and is your legal right to report such a person with a sick mentality and evil intentions among the public. And now many online portals and platforms are available where you can not just report them but you can expose their real faces too.

Have you ever been harassed by your ex? Or does your ex-lover harass you even now?

Submit a review about your ex now!

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