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" I didn't only date him but I also married him, turns out he a serial cheater and on top of that also got his co-worker pregnant, funny how cheaters always seem to forget to use condoms, loser too. Do not date this loser, do not have sex with this loser, he is 100% grade A loser. Looking back the signs of him being a cheater were there, weird work schedules that didnt mesh up with his paycheck, weird days off, weird short shifts, I should have known, also turns out he has a huge crush on my friend, but I have no idea if they slept together or not. "



" I was googling to try and find out if my current boyfriend is a cheater and well look who I found instead, yep he cheated on me as well, and it's not a big surprise he is still cheating, he was sleeping around with men and women when he dated me, he think's he is good at hiding the fact he is cheating but seriously he sucks at it, sucks so bad which is probably why he is here. I would never reccomended dating him ever, he is 100% guranteed to cheat on anyone he is with, it's almost as if he gets bored and seeks out others to have sex to fill whatever boredom need he has to fill, I guess based on the fact I found him here posted by presumably the women he dated after me based on the dates that his cheating ways continue. I added some photos that I took when we were together, so he is younger and not as chunky, but yes indeed never date this loser. "

Justin Smith

  • Cheated on me Reported 2 time(s)
  • Made someone else pregnant YES
  • Publicly showed interest in others Reported 2 time(s)