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" Kevin Norris — Chicago, Illinois Kevin William Norris is a pathological LIAR and habitual cheater. He lies about the school, work, where he goes, what he is doing, and who he has been with. He lies even when he doesn’t need to lie. Kevin is a cheating wussie. He moved to Chicago and started dating a guy without even telling his boyfriend back home that he was seeing someone else. He led them both along for months until it blew up in his face getting busted. Kevin started dating some guy Ryan while he was a student at SAIC. Ryan was the fourth “I love you” boyfriend in little as one year, but he never tells the truth about his past relationships because Kevin lies about everything. Kevin would regularly hook up with strangers in downtown Chicago to get banged and used. He carried an enema bulb in his bag, and, if he didn’t do that, then he would buy a Fleet enema from a store and use it before he went to the hotel. He got chlamydia at least twice that I know of and he never told his boyfriend at all. I know this because Kevin told me all of it. Who effing brags about being a piece of trash? Who brags about installing Grindr and then deleting it again before he goes home? Kevin didn’t get to w***e around when COVID started, and especially when he didn’t have the excuse to be downtown and stop by hotels, but it didn’t take long until late summer that he was on all fours again in front of total strangers and regular guys getting used. "

Kevin Norris

  • Cheated on me YES