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" Lorrie Dohoney (Arizona, USA)This horrible human is a 45 stripper/Call girl that works at the [REDACTED] in Phoenix. Her first husband divorced her and kicked her out for cheating and she left her 11 old son with her ex. The boy wasn’t his but he raised him. She is a rascist got in trouble on Facebook for using the N word during her campaigning for Trump. But worst or all she is a pathological lying cheating snake that will do anything for money. My friend was a good man. A working man. He fell in love with her. Spent every dime he had on her. And she cheated on him the whole time. And lied to him Had him convinced he was crazy And tried to talk him into robbing customer at the sh1t hole she works she started in Las Vegas strip clubs after her divorce but got in to trouble for trying to blackmail a very famous football player. So she moved back to Phoenix and left my friend after she’s Then she found a Rich guy in the Scottsdale’s singles add and told him he was nothing and should kill himself. Crushed him.But it was the best thing to ever happen to him. Come to find out she was Fuking the DJ and the Owner of the [REDACTED] were she works Or gets tricks. She is a pepsi head and has really fuked up some decent men’s life’s and always push’s them to commit suicide.and cleans them out. Or tries to. Horrible. Now she is dating and I’m sure is looking to marry a Captain in the Phoenix Fire Department who has a side business that makes a lot of money. I’m sure the Department wouldn’t like to know their Golden boy Captain is involved with a 45 year old racist stripper who abandoned her child and has ruined people’s lives and looks horrible with huge fake Tits really bad tattoos and is going for old Randy Fassettos bank account and Fireman’s pension. Everyone of her boyfriends and people who have known her along time say she is a horrible human being and pretends to be sweet and kind. All her friends arenew because everyone who gets to know her sees her for what she is. She has perfected gaslighting and uses it on men and people she wants something from. The owner of the [REDACTED] old Fred just used her and tossed her in the used stripper bin with the other trailer park hunnies. This woman is a predator. And has had so much plastic surgery she looks scary. Thats all. Just trying to call this pigs number. And maybe save some good men some grief. Like this Fire Fighter. He is in for a ride. Has no clue she’s a gold digger hooker theif and Cheating dead beat Mom. "

Lorrie Dohoney

  • Cheated on me YES
  • Gold diggeer YES